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The Maestros 2018


about the maestros 2018

we're making a few changes...


This year, the Maestros are committing to a new direction. 
Not only will we be hosting a new city, the ceremonies will take on a whole new structure. What once was a simple dinner event will now adopt the format of our Dallas Maestros. There will be a formal ceremony in a theater setting, equipped with all of the Maestro Standards: Invaluable speakers, a beautiful setting, and in-depth congratulatory videos for each of our awardees. After this ceremony, we will then be dismissed to a banquet hall to receive delicious food provided by a local catering service, as well as outstanding wine from one of our many Latino Winemaker friends from Napa Valley. 
As always, there will also be plenty of time to socialize and network with the hundreds of individuals in attendance. 


San Francisco, California:

August 29, 2018

Chicago, Illinois:

September 26, 2018

Dallas, Texas:

October 24, 2018


Times and Awardees to be announced soon. Keep this page bookmarked to check, or visit us on our many social media channels below. 

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