The Maestros
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San Francisco



The Maestros: California have taken place in many iconic locations across the state, honoring some of the most influential Latinos in the area. After the success of last year, the Maestros is continuing to bring this event to the city of San Francisco. This year, we were honored to host the ceremony at 906 World Cultural Center, a former church converted into a unique event space.

A special thank you to our Maestros as well as everyone that attended this event!

2019 maestros:




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Past Recipients - Los Angeles & San Fransisco


Lorena Hernandez - Maestro Of Professional Acheievment
Jerry Porras - Maestro Of Innovation
Ortensia Lopez - Maestro Of Community Service
Cruz Reynosos - Maestro Of Leadership


Jose Quinonez - Maestro Of Community Service
Dorene Dominguez - Maestro Of Professional Achievement
David Olivencia - Maestro Of Innovation


Frank Alverez - Maestro Of Leadership
Tony Quintero - Professional Achievement
Orson Aguilar - Maestro Of Innovation
John de Luna - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship


Sylvia & Eduardo Rallo - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Michael Torres - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Sergio Garcia - Maestro of Professional Achievement


Andre Arbelaez - Maestro Of Leadership
Myrna Soto - Maestro Of Community Service
Roberto Medrano - Maestro Of Professional Achievement
Marisela Garcia Marquez - BMW Ultimate Drive Award


Vilma Martinez - Maestro Of Diversity Advancement
Mickey Ibarra - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Dennis Arriola - Maestro Of Professional Achievement

Elena Rios - Maestro Of Community Service


Dr. Cynthia Telles - Maestro Of Professional Achievement
Luis Maizel - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Archbishop Jose H. Gómez - Maestro Of Leadership

Dr. Sandra Hernandez - Maestro Of Community Service


Castulo de la Rocha - Maestro Of Community Service
Alex Nogales - Maestro Of Leadership
Hector Barreto - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Monica Lozano - Maestro Of Professional Achievement


Moctesuma Esparza - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Ramon Baez - Maestro Of Professional Achievement
Solomon Trujullo - Maestro Of Leadership
Linda Griego - Maestro Of Community Service