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About the Maestros

The Maestros, formerly known as the Maestro Awards Ceremony, is a gathering of influential Latino Leaders across the country, intended to recognize and celebrate the achievements of members of the Latino Community. Recipients hail from a range disciplines - Business, Education, Civil Service, Religion, Medicine, and more. The Maestros acknowledge the trailblazers and innovators in the Latino community with nothing less than what is deserved: a gala. 

The ceremony highlights the histories and past achievements of the awardees and, by way of a live interview with Latino Leaders Magazine publisher Jorge Ferraez, focuses on the future of each recipient. Following the ceremony is a reception, including a wine toast from prominent Latino-owned wineries, where awardees and atendees are able to network and enjoy an evening of celebration. 

"We celebrate the success stories, accomplishments, and triumphs of many leaders that have made history, and continue to make history, in our community" -Jorge Ferraez


our 2019 dates: 


San Francisco | Chicago | Dallas


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