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about the Dallas maestros

The Dallas Maestros have been an institution in the North Texas Latino community for nearly 15 years. They have taken place in many iconic locations across the city, honoring some of the most influential Latinos in the area. In 2016, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary, commemorating all of our past maestros across the country. This year, we will be honoring 5 of the biggest game changers in the community. This year, the ceremony will be held at The Perot Museum on October 24th  beginning at 6:30 PM. Please refer to the Program section for a detailed itenerary. 


2018 Dallas Awardees


The Maestros is proud of our generous sponsors 



October 24, 2018
6:30 PM

Perot Museum of Nature and Science
2201 N. Field St.
Dallas, Texas 75201

6:30 PM

Wine reception featuring exclusive looks at cars from our sponsor BMW


Welcoming remarks from Jorge Ferraez, publisher of Latino Leaders Magazine

Each Maestro will be honored with a short commemorative film, they will be presented with their medal, and sit down for a short interview with Jorge Ferraez. 


featuring Wine from a selected Latino Winemaker 



Tickets & Sponsorship

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Past Recipients - Dallas


Thaddeus Arroyo - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Clara Borja Hinojosa - Maestro Of Community Service
Grace Lieblein - Maestro Of Leadership
Raymond Arroyo - Maestro Of Diversity Advancement


Manny J. Fernandez - Maestro Of Professional Achievment
Jose "Pepe" Hermosillo - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship

Sheriff Lupe Valdez - Maestro Of Community Service
Dr. Antonio R. Flores - Maestro Of Leadership
Carlos F. Orta - Maestro Of Diversity Advancement


Joseph de Leon - Maestro Of Medical Excellenece
Ignacio Salazar - Maestro Of Leadership
Juan (John) Williams - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Joe Garza - Maestro Of Professional Achievement


Michelle Hollander - Maestro Of Community Service
Victor Arias - Maestro Of Professional Achievement
Javier Palomarez - Maestro Of Leadership
Hector de Jesus Ruiz - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Dr. Luis F. Parada - Maestro Of Medical Excellence


Alfredo Duarte - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Dr. Erwin Cruz - Maestro Of Medical Excellence
Darren Rebelez - Maestro Of Professional Achievement
Dr. Diana Natalicio - Maestro Of Community Service


Albert Reyes - Maestro Of Community Service
Arcillia Acosta - Maestro Of Leadership
Nina Vaca -  Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Victor Almeida, Jr. - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship

Andres Ruzo - Maestro Of Innovation
Paul Raines - Maestro Of Professional Achievement


Marcos G. Ronquillo - Maestro Of Professional Achievement
Pedro Aguirre - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Adriana Quintero - Maestro Of Innovation


Michelle Bobadilla - Maestro Of Community Service
Luis Spinola - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
The Honorable Rafael Anchia - Maestro of Leadership
Eduardo Gonzalez - Maestro of Community Service


Guillermo Perales - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Dr. Gonzalo Venegas - Maestro Of Medical Excellence
Maria Contreras-Sweet - Maestro Of Leadership
Dr. David Hayes Bautista - Maestro Of Professional Achievement
Michael Hinojosa - Maestro Of Leadership


Remedios Diaz Oliver - Maestro Of Entrepreneurship
Diana Campoamor  - Maestro Of Community Service
Pedro Greer - Maestro Of Community Service

Raul Yzaguirre - Maestro Of Leadership


Henry Cisneros - Maestro Of Leadership
Florentino Ramirez Sr. - Maestro Of Professional Achievement
Dr. David Lizarraga - Maestro Of Community Service

John C. Lopez - Maestro of Entrepreneurship