The Maestros
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SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 | 6–10 PM



about the ‘18 chicago maestros

Over the past 6 years, the Chicago Maestros have taken place in many iconic locations across the city, honoring some of the most influential Latinos in the area. This year, the ceremony was held at The Chicago History Museum. Please refer to the Program section for a detailed itinerary of the events that happened. 

2018 Chicago Maestro Awardees


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 Past Recipients - Chicago


Jose Luis Prado - Maestro of Professional Achievement
Gloria Castillo - Maestro of Community Service
Juventino Cano - Maestro of Entrepreneurship
Rey B. Gonzalez - Maestro of Leadership


Nora Moreno-Cargie - Maestro of Innovation
David Aragon - Maestro of Leadership
Lou NIeto - Maestro of Professional Achievement
Adela Cepeda - Maestro of Entrepreneurship


Maria Bechily - Maestro of Professional Achievement
Carlos Tortelero - Maestro of Leadership
Phil Fuentes - Maestro of Entrepreneurship
David Andalcio - Maestro of Innovation


Anita Alvarez - Maestro of Innovation
Martin Cabrera - Maestro of Entrepreneurship
Dr. Pedro Cevallos Candau - Maestro of Professional Achievement
Juan Rangel - Maestro of Community Service


Alejandro Silva - Maestro of Entrepreneurship
Jesse H. Ruiz - Maestro of Leadership
Carmen Velazquez - Maestro of Community Service
Attorney Manny Sanchez - Maestro of Professional Achievement


Lou Sandoval - Maestro of Entrepreneurship
Luis Gutierrez - Maestro of Leadership
George Burciaga -  Maestro of Professional Achievement
Robert Rodriguez - Maestro of Community Service

Jesse Iñiguez - BMW Ultimate Drive Award


Art Velasquez - Maestro of Entrepreneurship
Marty Castro - Maestro of Leadership
Ralph De La Vega -  Maestro of Professional Achievement
Robert Renteria - Maestro of Community Service

Diana Davila - BMW Ultimate Drive Award


Ezequiel "Zeke" Flores - Maestro of Entrepreneurship
Neli Vasquez Rowland - Maestro of Leadership
Jose R. Sanchez -  Maestro of Professional Achievement
Dr. Andrew Sund - Maestro of Community Service


Jesus "Chuy" Garcia - Maestro of Leadership
J.C. Gonzalez-Mendez  - Maestro fo Professional Achievement
Juan Sanabria - Maestro of Medial Excellence

Jim Cabrera - Maestro of Entrepreneurship


Juan Andrade - Maestro of Leadership
Olga Camargo - Maestro of Community Service
Juan Gabriel Moreno - Maestro of Entrepreneurship
Juan Alzate - Maestro of Medical Excellence